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Be a Stress Expert by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

Be A Stress Expert What do you do when you are stressed? Some people exercise more while others eat more. Some people yell while others isolate or withdraw. Stress can cause physical, emotional, mental, or relational problems. Today, we will focus on managing stress proactively. Every experience we have in life has 2 components: The […]

Communicating by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

Communicating           “What we have here is failure to communicate.” That is a line from an old movie, but I find it true in a lot of marriages. They let differences, business, entertainment, children or other things keep them from meaningful communication. In our society it helps to have a plan for daily communication. Christian […]

Staying positive around negative people by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

We all know who they are. We want to have a comfortable conversation with them but they always make it a negative encounter. What do we do? How can we stay in a good place in our headspace (that space between your ears that extends from where you are now and goes all the way […]

Who are your Heroe’s by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

Americans love their heroes. Whether it was a war hero or a fantasy hero, it is someone we look up to and respect. It is important to think about what we value in our heroes and realize how we can apply it to our lives. I did an exercise with my accountability group this week. […]