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How Do You Smell? by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

How Do You Smell? Has anyone ever asked you that question? There is probably no safe way to answer that! There are smells we are attracted to & smells that repel us. Today, I was in a candle shop and I smelled a cinnamon apple candle. It always reminds me of Christmas time. That is […]

Where’s Your Rock? by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

Where’s Your Rock I have a friend who keeps a rock from all the places she wants to remember. The rock reminds her of what she valued about being at that place. We all need a rock to remind us what we value about who we are.  I find many people, even leaders who struggle […]

What Builds You Up? by Robbie Goss

by RobbieGoss

What Builds You Up? Builders build buildings. There are several stages to building. There is digging footers, pouring on foundation, putting up walls, and putting on a roof. There are all kinds of special tradesmen involved. They all play a role in the building. But what about building people? What does it take to build […]

Dear Tom – Stress Related Problems

by admin

Dear Tom, I would imagine the root of most problems is related to stress. I’m a professional dealing with high levels of stress and would truly like to know what you have found in different cases and what is the most effective reliever of stress. Ms. Stress Dear Ms. Stress, As humans we exist in […]

Dear Tom – Father of Teenage Sons

by admin

Dear Tom I am a father of teenage sons, 13 & 14. I believe it is the hardest yet most important job one can have. We live in New Tampa where competition and materialism seems to be a constant battle, (i.e. only the best of the best play in sports, the rest may be on […]

Dear Tom: From the Parent of a Teenager

by admin

Dear Tom, I’m a parent of a teenager. I continue to be amazed at how parents are afraid to say “No” to their children. Actually, it is very sad when you see the end result. Can you please use this month’s answer to reach out to all the parents and teens who battle this problem. […]