Healing Workshops:

We seek to provide a place of healing and hope where people damaged by sexual addiction and co-addictions, can begin a process of restoration with God, themselves, and with others, to achieve spiritual, emotional, and relational healing

Life Recovery Group for Men

This is a confidential therapy group exclusively for men, being led by Robbie Goss, a licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist as well as David Hudson a Pastoral Counselor that has worked alongside Robbie in this particular area for years. This therapy group leads men recovering from addiction by placing the 12 steps of recovery into a firm biblical context, the workbook brings scriptural principles into personal focus. Join a group of men to develop hope, skills, and peace.

L.I.F.E Recovery Guide group is held in the Brandon office on Tuesday nights at 8 PM- 9:30 PM, led by Robbie Goss & in the Wesley Chapel office on Thursday nights at 8 PM-9:30 PM, led by David Hudson.

*Tuesday night’s group is available via zoom as well as in person.

For more information: LBCC at (813) 438-5949 or email cccbrandon@aol.com