Soul Care


Today I was at a car wash and people were caring for their cars. People care for their houses, lawns, gardens, etc, but what about soul care? Our soul needs care. Do you know how to care for your soul?

             When I counsel couples, they often need soul healing before they can have a close relationship. It is easy to bump into your partners soul wounds. Soul wounds can be from your family history. Dr. Tom and Beverly Rodgers use a soul healogram to help people locate soul wounds. Sources of these soul wounds are abuse, abandonment, or trauma events that cause feelings of shame and create a false belief system that causes us to be reactive to others when the right button is pushed. 

             In Psalms 23 it tells us that God restores our soul. How does he do that? First, He heals damaged emotions (Jesus heals the broken hearted). You have to identify hurts by name (like when my wife left, I felt betrayed and rejected). Then ask the Lord to heal those specific feelings. Then release those feelings to the Cross, because Jesus died on the cross for our sorrows and suffering (Is. 53). What hurts need to be healed in your heart?

             The next part of soul care is renewing the mind (Rom. 12:12). We have to confront negative beliefs that often come from past pain. For example if I was emotionally or physically abandoned by a parent, I may have a belief that says, “I will never be loved”. Once I am healed by the abandonment by Jesus, then I need to reject the belief attached to it in my mind. “I reject the lie that I will never be loved in the name of Jesus”. “The truth is that I am deeply loved by God and others love me as well”. What beliefs need to be rejected and replaced in your mind?

             The third area of soul care is the will. The will needs to be exercised just like the body. Some people have learned helplessness or have given up the ability to choose. Some people make bad choices that are self destructive.

             The one thing that we all use every day is the ability to choose. You chose to get up out of bed today. You actually make many choices daily. We can make positive or negative choices daily. Positive choices are faith- based. They produce positive attitudes, words, and actions. Out of thousands of thoughts daily, I choose which thoughts I dwell on. Phil. 4:8 tells us to set our mind on positive things. Today, I choose to be productive by writing this blog. What do you choose to focus on today?

             Good soul care means healing emotions, renewing the mind, and making good choices. I pray your soul will prosper today!



Soul Healing Love by: Dr. Tom and Beverly Rodgers
I Am Workbook by: Bill Morris