What Clothes Are You Wearing?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Clothes make the man?” I think it was invented by a suit salesman. Have you ever cleaned out your closet of old clothes and bought some new ones? The new clothes can give us a new attitude about the way we look. Today we take a look at character clothes that we can put off and ones we can put on. Col. 3:5-15 gives us a list of character clothes that we need to get rid of:

  • Fornication- Am I involved in sexual misconduct?
  • Uncleanness- Am I confessing my sins and receiving God’s cleansing?(I John 1:9)
  • Passion_ Am I controlled by lust?
  • Evil desire- Do I long to do evil?
  • Covetousness- Do I want what someone else has?
  • Anger- Do I lose my temper?
  • Wrath- Do I want revenge?
  • Blasphemy- Do I attribute evil to God for bad things that happen?
  • Filthy language- Do I cuss
  • Lying- Do I lie?

If these are in your closet, it may be time for removing these character clothes. Several of these had to be cleaned out of my closet. New clothes change the smell of the closet. Here are new character clothes we can put on:

  • Tender Mercy- Am I caring to those who have messed up?
  • Kindness- Can i give to someone in need?
  • Humility- Do I prefer others over myself at events?
  • Meekness- Do I yield my expectations and rights to God?
  • Patience- Am I willing to wait?
  • Bearing with one another- Do I give others time to grow and learn from mistakes?
  • Forgiving one another- When someone stumbles in sin, am I willing to forgive them?
  • Put on love- Do I practice I Cor. 13:4-7?
  • Peace of God- Do I walk in God’s peace & Stay free from anxiety?
  • Thankful- Am I thankful in all situations?

Some old clothes are like Lazarus’ grave clothes. They are hard to get off. We sometimes have to change where we go and who we hang out with to keep off these negative character traits. Have you noticed when you hang around positive people in positive places you become positive? Last week I went to a Christian music concert at a church with a group called “New Song”. I noticed it lifted my spirit to be with some very positive people after a busy week at work.

So remember this week that wearing the right character clothes involves taking off the old clothes and putting on the new ones. Which ones can you take off and put on today?