Where’s Your Rock

I have a friend who keeps a rock from all the places she wants to remember. The rock reminds her of what she valued about being at that place. We all need a rock to remind us what we value about who we are.

 I find many people, even leaders who struggle with insecurity. Insecurity symptoms to watch for:

1.) Comparison- a trap where we compare our appearance, abilities, or finances to others. As revealed in 2 Corinthians 10:12, God warns us of this trap.
2.) Competition- we try to prove our value by outdoing others.
3.) Compulsion- drives to perform excessively to be approved.
4.) Condemnation- judging ourselves or others resulting in self-pity or conceit
5.) Compensation- trying to make up for losses in our life
6.) Control- we must take charge, protect our territory, or manipulate to prevent further loss.

 I was insecure growing up because my parents divorced when I was 2. Not having a dad caused me to be overly competitive and a workaholic. I had my first job at age 12. I tried to find security in girlfriends which didn’t work either.

 My first step toward security was a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. He became an anchor for my soul through the trials of life. I found my identity in Christ apart from what I do (2 Cor 5:17).

The second step toward security is brokenness. Humbling one self and letting go of self sufficiency and self-condemnation. James 4:10 tells us we need to choose to humble ourselves.

The third step in discovering your God-given purpose in life and in ministry. There are several good resources to help with this process listed below. Jer. 29:11 tells us God has a future for each of us.

The fourth step is to be a balcony person. Practice encouraging others daily. Look for a way to build up others through appreciation, honor and respect. See life as a gift to be enjoyed (John 10:10)

Where is your rock of security that brings joy to your life?


I AM Workbook by William Morris. www.wowconsulting.net
Identity and Destiny by Tom and Pam Wolfe
Finding Your Place Workbook
Leadership Bible by John Maxwell