Americans love their heroes. Whether it was a war hero or a fantasy hero, it is someone we look up to and respect. It is important to think about what we value in our heroes and realize how we can apply it to our lives. I did an exercise with my accountability group this week. We researched our heroes and their characteristics that we admired at each decade of our lives.

From 0-10 years old my hero was Roy Rogers. I had a Roy Rogers cowboy hat. He wore a white hat and rescued people in distress.

From 11-20 years old my hero was Johnny Unitas. He was a great football player. He endured hardships and became a champion.

From 21-30 my hero was my pastor at my church that I worked at as a youth minister. His name was Peter Lord. He was a man of great faith and walked with God.

From 31-40 my hero was Mickey Evans who founded Dunklin Memorial Camp. Mickey was a great lover of people. He would say “Robbie has any one told you that they love you today”? And no matter what I answered, he would say “Well I love you”. He pulled jewels out of the devils junk pile of addicted men that he brought to Jesus and restored their lives and their families. Mickey also taught me to see every person as a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God!

From 41-50 Dr. David Ferguson was my hero. He founded Intimate Life Ministries. He taught me to emotionally respond to others and how to develop real intimacy in relationships.

From 51 to now my hero is Dale Brooks. He is a pastor at Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida. Dale has walked with me thru some of the darkest days of my life. He is a great encourager. He is a friend who is more like a brother.

I have to add one other hero to my list. Jesus has been there with me thru all my decades and never left me or forsaken me even when I have been faithless.

What I learned from my hero list is that all those characteristics are what I pattern my life after; I also learned I need to be reminded of those things regularly. My accountability group of Bill Morris and Eric Penrose help me to remember who I am and serve as a weekly reminder of building character. Thank you, men!

This week I challenge you to make your list of heroes and the characteristics you value in each of them. It will encourage you to be to someone in your life. For a bibilical list of heroes of faith read Hebrews 11.

Who can you be a hero to today?

I AM workbook by Bill Morris
Intimate Encounters by Dr. David Ferguson
Turkeys and Eagles by Peter Lord