Men’s L.I.F.E. Recovery Group

Do you find yourself thinking “If they knew the REAL me, they wouldn’t want or like me.”, “How could a Holy God have anything to do with me?”, “I can’t stand being alone with myself!”, etc.? You may have found that your guilt and/or shame is keeping you disconnected from God, others, and yourself. You may be struggling with an Intimacy Disorder.

An Intimacy Disorder involves problems developing, maintaining, and expressing appropriate kinds and levels of intimacy. Intimacy Disorder may present in sex addiction, internet sex addiction, pornography addiction, relationship addiction, sexual compulsion, intimacy anorexia among other destructive dysfunctions.

Symptoms may include:

  • Struggles expressing fundamental emotional truths
  • Struggles trusting one’s partner or other primary relationships
  • Struggles with feeling of concern for their distressed partner
  • Struggles communicating openly in the relationship
  • Struggles communicating personal experiences that are unpleasant or painful
  • Fear of revealing one’s true feelings, especially what they feel deeply
  • Fear and/or avoidance of long-term relationships and commitment
  • Fear of learning about a partner’s serious personal issues
  • Discomfort or uneasiness expressing affection
  • Trouble being spontaneous around one’s partner
  • Trouble communicating and requesting one’s needs
  • Reluctance to discuss issues related to the relationship

Often men spend years attempting to address the symptoms of their dysfunctions and acting out, without receiving the necessary healing and training. Frequently, they end up right back where they started only feeling more shame and hopelessness. The Men’s Recovery Group at Life Builders first focuses on stopping the destructive actions that are harming you, your spouse, your family, and those around you by providing connection, support, and accountability. The
Men’s Recovery Group then focuses on the spiritual, physical, and emotional healing required to overcome the intimacy disorder. Lastly, you will use this experience to help lead others out of the same darkness.

You no longer have to struggle alone! There is Hope, there is Help, there is Healing at the Life Builders Men’s Recovery Group.

This group is on going, therefore you are able to join at any time. You will experience accountability and fellowship as we take the journey together into healing.

Robbie Goss leads group on Tuesdays at 8 PM via zoom.

David Hudson leads group in Thursday’s at 8 PM in person in the Wesley Chapel office.

The cost for the group is $50 per session. With a one time book fee of $30.

To join the group, please call us at 813-438-5949 or email us at

The only thing needed to register is your name and number and we will let the leader know to expect you.

We can’t wait to see you in our office.

Our friendly and knowledgeable counselors are ready to help you achieve your mental health goals.