Sessions range from $60- $150 per 50-minute session. Each of our counselors set their own rates based off their level of education, trainings, specializations, and years of experience.

Cancellation Policy

Lifebuilders has a 24- hour cancellation policy. Please note that if you are canceling an appointment the same day, your counselor’s cancellation fee will be applied. If you no show for an appointment without prior communication, the full session rate will be charged, and another appointment can not be made until the balance has been paid. Please note that our counselors have set aside the scheduled time that you have picked, and we ask that you attend each session that you have scheduled.


There are two providers on staff that take insurance, most of our counselors are self-pay.

If you are seeing a counselor that does not take insurance, there is a possibility for you to be reimbursed by your insurance provider. Lifebuilders does not guarantee that your insurance company will provide you with a reimbursement. We do suggest calling your insurance company and asking about “out of network coverage”. Lifebuilders can provide you with a receipt that has the necessary codes that the insurance will need to process the reimbursement, if applicable direct to you.

If you are using your insurance to pay for your sessions, we ask that you contact your insurance provider to find out your copay and if you have a deductible. If you do not know this information at the time of your appointment, we will ask for you to put a credit card on file. Once we have received your explanation of benefits, we will let you know what it says and authorize payment on your account. It is in your best interest to call and check on your benefits prior to your appointment.

We can’t wait to see you in our office.

Our friendly and knowledgeable counselors are ready to help you achieve your mental health goals.